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Wider, bigger, better! MARIUS DESIGNHAUS manages to transform the G Klasse into a beast, an aggressive, yet stylish vehicle. The MD2 demands respect and gets it effortlessly. This car dwarfs the other vehicles on the streets and will surely make the owner feel like a veritable king of the road!

For the MD2, Marius Dumitrascu, the owner and creative director of the company, not only created the complex body-kit, but also the wheels. The fully forged 6061-T6 aluminium monoblock wheels are built to match the strength of the G Klasse and compliment the overall aesthetics of the MD2.


With the addition of the wheels in the MD2 package, MARIUS DESIGNHAUS is starting MD Forged. This sub-brand will cater to high-end wheels aficionados.

“When I designed the wheels for the MD2, I wanted to create the sensation of unity between them and the body of the car. If the body-kit represents the “clothes” of the car, the wheels should be the “shoes”, and they must go perfectly together.” – Marius Dumitrascu.

Named FS101, the wheels on the MD2 come in 22 inches. They can be made-to-order in a multitude of sizes and finishes, according to the client car’s specifications.

The MD2 features, starting from the front, a completely redesigned front bumper, paired with a protective splitter and carbon inserts in the air vents, and new headlight covers made to fit the wider front fenders. The engine bonnet is impressive, more aggressive, and more imposing than the original, and it can be made as an add-on, or it can be ordered as a full bonnet.
To continue the lines of the wider front fenders, the MD2 features body extensions on the doors and the back fenders of the car, with carbon inserts between the front doors and the front fenders.
The wheel arches are wider, giving the car a more powerful stance. The carbon inserts on the arches combine with the front bumper and sidestep to create a beautiful, continuous line. Side skirts are also present, embracing the lateral exhaust pipes.
The back of the car comes with a new rear bumper paired with a protective diffuser, a new cover for the spare wheel, featuring the MARIUS DESIGNHAUS logo, and a carbon insert between the rear lights.
On the top, in the front of the car, we can find a carbon roof panel and on the rear, a massive carbon roof spoiler.

The MD2 is available for pre-order now, as well as the FS101 wheels.

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